Spotlight: Fantastic Man

24 Sep

Billed as a “fashion magazine for men who hate fashion,” Fantastic Man[] is a new form of Mens magazine.

Flipping through the pages of Fantastic Man, you are not bombarded per say by advertisements like other Men’s magazines (ie. Playboy and Maxim) and or belittled by the ever so downward spiral of boobs, butts and drugs.

No magazine is ever safe from this hyper sexualized we are all engulfed in BUT, Fantastic Man does try and shed light on a new wave of menswear. Even though many of the styles represented in the magazine are far too formal (and expensive), they show that menswear is reaching a breaking point. Shall we continue with the old and outdated or is the new era of menswear ever nearing closer?

Below is the “The Super Show”, via Fantastic Man:

“Here for full viewing pleasure is the film of THE SUPER SHOW, a catwalk extravaganza of forty looks staged earlier this year in a secret location to an audience of zero. The show was created from the best of the Autumn/Winter 2010 collections and is a real study in masculinity. It focuses on clashing together different forms of menswear, from formal to utility, to create a whole new language in men’s dressing. The looks can already been seen in the latest issue of Fantastic Man, and are brought to life here in moving pictures, a film which was previewed earlier this week at a cocktail during London Fashion Week at MODERN ART, the gallery of Mr. STUART SHAVE.”



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